Dolby Atmos was the first out the gate, with many AV receivers supporting the object oriented surround format in 2015. It looks like 2016 is shaping up to be the year of DTS:X. Denon’s already announced that DTS:X is expected to arrive next year on their amps. Marantz has decided to also join the party.


The SR7010, SR6010 AV receivers and AV7702mkII Preamplifier are scheduled to receive the update March 3, 2016. While the AV8802(A) is on board for a February 4, 2016 update. DTS:X updates will roll out for other Marantz receivers later in 2016.


DTS:X  is similar to Dolby Atmos in that both are object oriented surround formats. DTS:X will give sound engineers the ability to place sounds in front of, to the sides, behind and above listeners providing a “3D-like” audio experience.

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