Two of the biggest players in audio, Denon and Marantz, have now joined Sound United to become one of the  biggest audio conglomerates in the industry. Sound United is the parent company to Polk Audio and Definitive Technology. With the acquisition of the D+M Group, Sound United now gets access to the substantial list of audio products from Denon, Marantz, HEOS by Denon, and Boston Acoustics.


“We welcome the addition of the D+M team and are excited to work together to ensure that this strategic combination capitalizes on its global leadership position, while also ensuring that each of our individual brands continues to be highly differentiated in the marketplace. Our existing customers and channel partners will benefit from the enhanced breadth and depth of the combined product portfolio, while our strategic suppliers should be well-positioned to expand with us as we grow.” said Kevin Duffy, CEO of Sound United.


According to Sound United, both Denon and Marantz will maintain their individuality. Marantz has always been a major player in the specialty audio department with its large amount of high-end Hi-Fi gear. Denon, on the other hand, has enjoyed a wider mass market appeal and could arguably have a larger user base. By acquiring Marantz and Denon, Sound United will have an expansive portfolio that will greatly expand its market reach.


The sale was finalized February 28th, 2017 and financial details have not been disclosed.


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