Vinyl records have seen a resurgence the past few years and with that we’ve seen many manufacturers starting to churn out turntables. It’s unusual for a manufacturer to whip out something truly unique. However,  MAG-LEV Audio is prepping a turntable that promises to turn heads as well as vinyl. The unique turntable they’ve unveiled uses a gravity defying floating platter. That’s right….I said floating. The zero gravity turntable plays your vinyl just like any other turntable except it uses a electromagnetic floating platter.

MAG LEV Audio Turntable

The benefits of such a device are enormous if they manage to pull it off. By levitating the spinning platter in the air, MAG-LEV has virtually eliminated the ill effects that platter vibrations can cause on sound quality. To maintain the precision needed for the rotating platter, MAG-LEV uses specialized software that keeps the platter spinning at a steady speed. When not in use, the platter rests on specially designed feet. Power up the turntable, and the feet retract and the platter slowly takes off.


During a power outage the turntable has an uninterruptible power supply that allows the turntable to lift the tonearm, stop the record and raise the feet.


A pre-fitted tone arm and cartridge ships with the turntable which means it’s pretty much ready to go once it’s unpacked. The only thing needed is a preamp or receiver and a stack of vinyl albums for your listening enjoyment.

MAG LEV Audio Turntable

Unfortunately, you won’t see MAG-LEV’s invention on the shelves of Best Buy just yet. To launch this project MAG-LEV is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. According to MAG-LEV Audio, the turntable will most likely retail for about $1390, but Kickstarter supporters can get it at a substantial discount.  Pledge $880 and you can get the black model. Throw in a few extra dollars and you qualify for the $940 imitation wood model. Early backers get an even greater discount and only have to pay $780 for the black and $840 for the imitation wood.


They’ve set a goal of $300,000 and as of the writing of this article they’ve already raised $83,000. Of course, as with any Kickstarter campaign there are risks involved, however if everything goes according to plan MAG-LEV Audio is planning to ship the first of the turntables August 2017. For more information visit the Kickstarter page.

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