Logitech has dominated the universal remote control business the past few years and with good reason they have consistently pumped out the best remotes year after year. Well after poor 3rd Quarter results it appears that logitech may be looking to divest itself from the universal remote business. In a statement, Logitech president/CEO Bracken Darrell said: “As we articulated when we started the third quarter, continued weakness in the global PC market was the primary factor in our disappointing Q3 results. These results are unacceptable, and we are taking decisive action as an outcome of my strategic review.” One of these decisive actions appears to be the discontinuance of the harmony line of universal remotes. Remote control sales were down 24% and this was after logitech launched it’s latest high end remote, the harmony touch. It appears that logitech is currently looking for a buyer of their harmony line of remotes. A struggling PC market and competition from smart phones in the universal remote department have taken a huge bite out of logitech’s once thriving  business.

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