Harmony Logitech Ultimate
Logitech, while being relatively new to the universal remote control business, has consistently produced some of the industry’s best remotes. However, early this year Logitech announced that they would streamline their current product line. Unfortunately, one of the casualties was going to be the excellent harmony remote line.

Logitech had sited growing competition from smartphones as one of the reasons it was leaving the universal remote control business. It was believed that logitech would attempt to sell  off the harmony remote line, but at the last minute they decided to retain the Harmony division. This may have been partly due to the success of the one of their newest products, the touch screen enabled Harmony Ultimate.

The Harmony Ultimate which includes a control hub manages to support RF, IR and Bluetooth signals. The Ultimate also allows you to control your lighting as long as you use Phillips Hue Lights.

Even with the success of the Harmony Ultimate, Logitech’s future may lie in their software offerings. Logitech’s current apps give your smartphone nearly all of the features that a top-of-the line harmony remote has. If  logitech does eventually get out of the hardware business they may find selling software to be far more lucrative in the long run.

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