LG has just announced eight new 4K OLED TV models for 2016. While we’re starting to see OLED prices take a slight dip this year, they’re still a little on the expensive side.


Prices for the new sets start at $3,999 and peak at a wallet busting $7,999. As is often the case with new formats, HDR (High Dynamic Range) video comes in different flavors. LG has erred on the side of caution and has incorporated support for both Dolby Vision HDR and the open HDR10 standard across all of their new models. Thus far, Netflix, Vudu and Amazon Video have shown support for Dolby Vision HDR. All TVs also feature LG’s webOS 3.0 Smart TV platform.


Of the new sets, only one series features a curved profile, the C-series. 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes are available with these models. The B-series also comes in 55-inch and 65-inch varieties, but  instead of a curved frame they feature a more common flat profile.


The more expensive E-series incorporates LG’s unique “picture on glass” feature which has the OLED module embedded on the glass back panel. The end result is that the E-series has an extremely thin profile. Again, the E-line is available in both a 55-incher and a 65-incher.


Standing at the top of the heap is the G-series. The G-series includes a 65-inch model and a gigantic 77-inch model. The G-series has the same “picture on glass” feature of the E-series, but it also throws in a built-in Harman Kardon sound bar to boot.


The suggested MSRP for the TVs are listed below:

  • 55-inch OLED55B6P – $3,999
  • 65-inch OLED65B6P – $5,999

  • 55-inch OLED55C6P – $3,999
  • 65-inch OLED65C6P – $5,999

  • 55-inch OLED55E6P – $4,999
  • 65-inch OLED65E6P – $6,999

  • 65-inch OLED65G6P  – $7,999
  • 77-inch OLED77G6P (pricing to be announced)


Most models are available at retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy right now.

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