LG has been dazzling us with their flexible OLED displays. At CES 2017 their W7 Wallpaper TV displayed an impressive amount of flexibility, however, their newest displays are even more limber.


The Korean manufacturer’s newest 77-inch display has a 40% transparency which is pretty much on par with a tinted window. The display is so flexible that it can be rolled up into a diameter of just over 6-inches. LG’s lips were sealed on the pricing of the display, but the W7 Wallpaper TV has a price tag of about $20,000 and it doesn’t boast the flexibility of this new screen.


LG has invested just over $900 million into the tech, but don’t expect to be able to pick-up one at your nearest big-box store anytime soon. Right now LG is limiting the ultra-flexible displays to advertising signage but fear not. If this new tech holds up under scrutiny it won’t be long before one of these is hanging on your wall.

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