LG’s Probeam Projector – 100-inch Image From Only 4.7 Inches Away

Typical home theater projectors are blocky behemoths that you’ll usually see mounted on ceilings or in the back of rooms.  In addition, they need to be many feet away from the imaging surface. However, in recent years we’ve seen a variety of short throw projectors jump on to the market. These projectors are ideal for tight spaces and are often capable of casting a wide image on to a display surface while only being a few feet away. LG is prepping two such projectors for the upcoming IFA 2017 show – the ProBeam UST and the MiniBeam.


The LG MiniBeam is a compact portable projector that houses a rechargeable 900 mAh battery. According to LG, the MiniBeam will last about 4 hours on a single charge. To help limit image distortion, the Mini can be tilted up to 70 degrees.


The MiniBeam uses a USB Type-C connector that serves multiple functions. This input is the projectors main lifeline for when its batteries run low. You can also play video content from laptops, smartphones, and tablets simply by connecting them via this single USB input. If that wasn’t enough, the tiny projector also has built-in Bluetooth.


The ProBeam UST isn’t as portable as the MiniBeam, but it packs-in a few more features. It’s a full HD (1080p) laser projector with both vertical and horizontal keystone to assist with sizing. Distance isn’t a problem for the ProBeam as it only requires about 4.7-inches of space between it and the display surface. In all, the ProBeam can project an image size of up to 100 inches. As far as image quality, the projector has a brightness of up to 1,500 lumens and a 150,000:1 contrast ratio.


The ProBeam UST, like the MiniBeam, includes built-in Bluetooth so you can pair the projector to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. LG’s webOS operating system lies at the heart of the ProBeam which means you can also stream your favorite shows from Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube.


Both of these projectors offer intriguing features. LG will hopefully release more details at the IFA show along with what we can expect the final MSRP of both devices to be.





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