It’s always been a dream of mine to wallpaper my living room with TV screens. Well…. not really, but who wouldn’t right? Well, if LG’s proof of concept OLED display is to be believed, this dream of mine may come true after all.


In Korea on Tuesday, LG showed off a 55″ OLED display which is less than a millimeter thick. For a frame of reference, a U.S. quarter is 1.75 mm thick so yes, it’s really really thin.


The OLED display adheres to the wall thanks to a magnetic sheet that’s stationed behind it. To remove it you simply peel it off.


OLED tech uses a thin layer of light emitting organic material which eliminates the need for back lighting. This, in turn, allows OLED screens to be made extremely thin.


LG is the only manufacturer going “all-in” with OLED technology. The technology has gone through some growing pains since its inception. OLED screens have been notoriously difficult to produce however, LG  has stated that they’ve been able to increase their yields to 80% which is pretty remarkable.


LG stated that they expect to sell about 600,000 OLED TV’s this year and 1.5 million next year. However, these OLED TV’s aren’t quite ready for prime time. LG’s current 65″ OLED 4K display will set you back a cool $9,000.


I for one, hope that early adopters happily snap up these TV’s. The more OLED TV’s LG sells, the more the price will drop which means my dream of wallpapering my living room with TV’s will be that much closer.

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