The Forte III was one of Klipsch’s best selling speakers of all time. A steady stream of the speakers came off of Klipsch’s assembly line from 1985 to 1996. For a short period of time, Klipsch is reviving the iconic series.


Outwardly, the new Forte III resembles the original, however, internally it benefits from over 20 years of technological improvement. The Forte III’s cabinet measures 13 inches deep, 16.5 inches wide, and 3 feet tall. Each speaker is handmade in Klipsch’s Hope Arkansas facility and includes a commemorative back plate hand-signed by the speaker’s builder. As each pair of speakers marches down the assembly line, they’re grain-matched using wood veneer panels harvested from the same timber and move together through the factory as a matched set. A total of four finish options are available – cherry, black ash, American Walnut, and distressed oak.


The Forte III uses a 3-way design with a monster 12-inch woofer. Mids and highs are handled by a horn-loaded midrange driver and tweeter with titanium diaphragms. The midrange horn uses a modified Tractrix design and the speaker’s bass response is reinforced by a rear mounted 15-inch passive radiator.


Klipsch aficionados can pick up the IIIs for about $1,800 each. To kick-off the launch with a bang Klipsch is also offering two limited edition models. For $2,000 you can pick-up the Klipsch IIIs with a matte black finish and silver luster grille cloth or for $2,300 you can splurge on the California black walnut finish with a lambswool grille.


Klipsch is only releasing 70 pairs of the iconic speaker so anyone wanting to pick up a set will want to hurry. More information about the IIIs can be found on Klipsch’s website.

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