Klipsch is no slouch in the audio department. They’ve made quality audio components for several decades. From speakers to headphones, Klipsch has a well deserved reputation. Along with announcing their new Reference line-up of speakers at this year’s CES, Klipsch also released a few tidbits on their new reference on-ear headphones.


So you may be thinking, “I have ear-buds what do I need full-sized head phones for”? Well, if you’re serious about your music you may want to re-think this. Klipsch’s new Reference headphones house a 40mm neodymium full range driver which is designed to provide deep accurate bass response while providing a full-bodied mid-range. Unlike some headphones that have a tendency to over accentuate certain frequencies, Klipsch has stated that their intent is to produce a sonic experience that is authentic to what the artist originally intended.

Klipsch Reference Headphones


Klipsch has also put a hefty amount of emphasis on comfort and function. The egg-shaped acoustic ear cushions are designed to be comfortable and reduce sound leakage. To assist with long listening sessions the headband is also cushioned which provides additional comfort.


If one word could be used to describe Klipsch’s reference headphones, it would be minimal. The headphones have clean lines with hinges and sliding mechanisms creatively hidden. ¬†Since the headphones are designed to be transported, they can be easily folded up and carried away. The flat tangle resistant cord incorporates an Apple approved microphone and remote that you can use with all Apple devices.


Anyone anxious to take Klipch’s new Reference headphones for a whirl, won’t have long to wait. They’re expected to hit store shelves February at an expected MSRP of $199. More information can be found at Klipsch’s website.


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