In celebration of their 70th anniversary, Klipsch is continuing to release a bevy of new speakers. The Fifteens and Forté IIIs are the next group to be launched under Klipsch’s Heritage line. Both of these new speakers feature a striking retro design that’s reminiscent of something straight out of the 30s.


Klipsch Fifteens Preview

Klipsch Fifteens

The Fifteens house a massive 15 inch woofer which is matched with 1.75 inch horn-loaded tweeter. There’s no need to partner the Fifteens with an amp. They’re fully powered with each speaker housing a built-in 180 watt amplifier with a 192kHz / 24-bit DAC. Despite their mid-century retro look, the Fifteens incorporate many modern components that we’re accustomed to. Optical Digital, USB, and RCA inputs are available on the speakers as is Bluetooth.  Vinyl lovers will appreciate that the Fifteens also have phono pre-amp.


Klipsch Forté III Preview

Klipsch Forté III

Klipsch claims that the Forté III is the first truly “full-range” speaker to make an appearance in their Heritage line-up. The Forté III, which Klipsch hand-builds in their Hope, Arkansas facility, boasts a 12 inch woofer with a 15 inch passive radiator. To handle high frequencies the speaker has a highly efficient horn-loaded tweeter. Both the mid-range driver and tweeter feature a titanium diaphragm which is designed to create a smooth response.


The Forté III is expected to be available mid-year at $3,600 a pair.  The Fifteens will arrive a little later with a sticker price of $2,999 a pair.

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