Klipsch R-26FA Preview

Klipsch R-26FA

Klipsch already has a couple Dolby Atmos speakers on the books. Now, they’ve added two more to their line-up. The R-26FA tower speaker takes a spot in Klipsch’s Reference Premiere series along with the new R-14SA free standing elevation speaker module that can be used in conjunction with existing speakers.


Each of the R-26FA floor-standers has upward firing Atmos drivers mounted inside the top of the speaker. The modules bounce sound off of ceilings to create a 3-dimensional sound scape. The elevation module inside the R-26FA consists of a 1-inch aluminum horn loaded tweeter in combination with a 5.25-inch copper-spun Injected Molded Graphite woofer. Besides the Atmos add-on, the 26FA has the same features as the 26F. The bulk of the speaker’s sound is produced by dual 6.5-inch copper spun woofers mated with a 90×90 Square Tractrix Horn with an aluminum tweeter.


The R-14SA add-on elevation module has a 4-inch copper-spun Injected Molded Graphite woofer conjoined with a .75-inch horn-loaded aluminum tweeter.

Klipsch R-14SA Elevation Speakers

Klipsch R-14SA


Both speakers are available now with the Klipsch RF-26FA brandishing a street price of $599 each, while the R-14SA will cost about $399/pair. More info can be found on Klipsch’s web site.

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