The boombox all but died out in the early 90’s. However, we’re starting to see a resurgence of the giant-sized speakers, but now with all the modern conveniences we’re accustomed to.


JBL is set to unveil their new boombox at the 2017 IFA and unlike their current crop of Bluetooth speakers, portability has taken a back seat. The boombox will measure about 20″ long and weigh nearly 10lbs. A lot of that weight can be attributed to its huge 20,000 mAh battery which JBL claims will grant the speaker a 24-hour battery life.


In addition, the boombox will be completely waterproof, making it great for poolside parties and outdoor excursions. Dual USB ports will also be available to facilitate the charging of portable devices. An official release date hasn’t been revealed, but it’s expected to cost about $500 when it launches.

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