The Good: The JBL Flip 2 has good sound for a small speaker. It’s small size and light weight makes it easy to transport.


The Bad: The battery life could be a little longer. It won’t give you room filling sound, but you can only expect so much from a speaker this size.


Summary: The JBL Flip 2 is great if you want a compact speaker that’s easy to transport and has pretty good sound quality. Battery life could be an issue if you have to take a long trip. However, if you overlook this, it’s probably one of the best bargains in mini-bluetooth speakers.



JBL Flip 2 Review

For years the electronics landscape was pretty boring. You were basically limited to getting your electronic devices in one of two colors: black or silver. However, electronics have become much more colorful in recent years. The JBL Flip 2, for instance, comes a in five color varieties; black, blue, red, yellow and white.

JBL Flip2 Review


Being that JBL and Infinity are both subsidiaries of Harman Kardon, the Flip 2 may look somewhat familiar. The JBL Flip 2 basically looks like a smaller version of the Infinity One Bluetooth speaker. Unlike the Infinity One, the Flip 2 measures a meager 7 inches x 3 inches and weighs roughly about a pound. Included with the speaker is a zippered hard shell carrying case perfectly designed for transporting the little speaker. It’s small size means it fits easily in the palm of your hand and it can slip inside a purse or bag for easy transport.


If you look closely at the front of the Flip 2, behind the metal grill you’ll see that it has two 40 mm drivers and a custom-tuned bass port. The Flip 2 is designed so that you can listen to it vertically or horizontally. We usually preferred to listen to it horizontally as it presented a wider sound stage. However, some may like the vertical arrangement better since it has a smaller foot print in this orientation.


Flip (no pun intended) the speaker around and you’ll see it has both an auxiliary input and a micro USB input. The auxiliary input allows you to plug it into any computer or device that has an auxiliary output or headphone jack. The Flip 2 can also be charged via the micro USB if you have it plugged into your computer which gives you the added flexibility to charge it on the go if needed.


JBL Flip2 Rear
To the right of the two inputs are a row of 5 LED lights. These indicate how much juice the Flip 2 has left. Once fully charged you should get an estimated 5 hours of use out of the speaker. Although this will vary depending on how loud you play it. At moderate listening levels we were able to squeeze about 4.5 hours.


On the side of the Flip 2 you’ll see the power, volume, bluetooth and speaker phone buttons. Everything here works as you’d expect. We do wish that there was some sort of volume indicator on the speaker itself. Although this isn’t too much of a big deal since you can usually see and adjust the volume accordingly on your bluetooth device.


Setting up the JBP Flip 2 is a cinch. Pressing the bluetooth button on the speaker allows it to connect with any bluetooth enabled device such as an iPod, Android device, PC or Mac. In about 5-10 seconds you’re basically ready to start listening to music.


JBL Flip 2 Performance

The Flip 2 overall has impressive sound quality. The mid-range is surprisingly full and it has good bass response for a small speaker. We listened to a variety of musical genres including Jazz, Pop and Hip-Hop. Vocals at moderate listening levels were clear and rich. To our surprise, the Flip 2 also displayed impressive bass response. This little speaker won’t kick you in the chest with its bass output, but bass heavy tracks did have some weight to them. Could it be a little punchier? Yes, but at this size you can only expect so much. Our only gripe with its sound quality is that at higher volumes its limitations did start to show as some vocals started to sound a little harsh.


It’s use as a speaker phone worked just as expected, with the audio quality on phone calls sounding clean and clear with no audible distortion.



The JBL Flip 2 is one of the best bargains in mini-bluetooth speakers right now. It’s easy to transport and has great sound quality for its size. The only major complaint we have with this little speaker is that its battery life could be a little longer. Other than that, currently its at the top of our list of recommended mini-bluetooth speakers.



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