JBL Everest Elite 750NC Headphones Review
JBL’s Everest Elite 750NC’s are great sounding headphones with solid noise canceling capabilities. Despite lacking the fidelity of higher priced headsets, they’re still a joy to listen to.

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Ease of Use8
Sound Quality8.5
The Good
  • The JBL Everest 750NC’s can produce serious amounts of bass and the app lets you personalize and fine-tune your listening experience. They also have solid noise canceling features.
The Bad
  • Bass can sometimes bleed into the mid-range robbing it of detail.
8.5Overall Score

When it comes to Bluetooth audio equipment, JBL is no slouch. They consistently put out great sounding speakers and headphones which offer a great balance between form, function, and affordability. Their new Everest 750NC headphones are their latest attempt to topple the current reigning champs in noise cancellation head wear – Bose and Beats. Featuring deep powerful bass, noise cancellation, and customizable audio, the 750’s come close….real close.


JBL Everest Elite 750NC Design

The JBL Everest 750NC headset feels solid and well constructed. They withstood a rigorous twisting and tugging stress test from me which makes me think that they should hold up well with everyday use. One thing that’s always bugged me about Beats headsets is that despite their high price tag, their glossy plastic construction always feels a little chintzy. The JBL’s are mostly plastic as well, but the chintz factor is kept to a minimum.

JBL Elite 750NC Review

The underbelly of the headband is soft, cushiony and sits comfortably on top of your head when you have the headphones on. The arms are plastic, but the set we had in for review had a metallic finish which gave them a more “upscale” look. The ear cups have a nice thick layer of padding which adds to the Everest 750NC’s comfort level. This, coupled with their lightweight design, make them easy to listen to for long stretches without growing fatigued.


On the bottom of the left ear cup is a 3.5mm port so that you can make a direct wired connection to your audio source. The rear and bottom of the right earpiece is decorated with buttons to control the basic functions of the 750NC’s. The power button is at the top with a play/pause button sandwiched between two volume controls. Pressing and holding the volume buttons lets you either skip to the next track or step back to the previous track. Jumping forward isn’t too bad, but if you want to go to a previous track it can be a slight pain. The headphones also have Siri integration which can be accessed by double tapping the center button.JBL Everest Elite 750 NC

With the headset, JBL includes a hard carrying case that the headphones easily fold-up and fit inside of. A smaller case is also included which holds the various cables that come with the headset. The 750NC comes in three color combos – steel blue, gun metal gray, and silver.

JBL Everest Elite 750NC Review



The JBL 750NC connects to your audio source thru Bluetooth or via the aforementioned 3.5 mm input on the left ear cup. The 750 also incorporates what JBL calls adaptive noise cancellation which pretty effectively stonewalls ambient sound.


Noise canceling (or ambient awareness as JBL likes to call it) can be adjusted with a button that’s located on the right ear cup or through the JBL app. In the app, you have 4 noise canceling (or ambient aware) settings to choose from. If you select “Off”,  nearly all ambient sounds are blocked-out. Low lets a little more sound in but still allows your music to remain the focus. With the medium setting, I found that I could pretty easily have a conversation with someone while wearing the JBL’s. And if you really want to hear what’s going on around you, high lets all of the ambient noise of the outside world to come flooding in.  The app also allows you to adjust the ambient awareness of each ear cup independently, so you could have the left set to off and the right set to high. Oddly enough, music didn’t sound as dynamic with noise cancellation deactivated, so for most of my time with the JBL 750NC’s I kept the ambient awareness engaged.



JBL claims the headphones can go about 15 hours on a single charge with noise cancellation enabled. Without, you can probably get about 20. This isn’t the best battery life in the business, however, I was able to go an entire week with regular use on a single charge. The recharge time is also pretty short with the headphones reaching full power in about 3 hours.


Sound Quality

The JBL Everest 750NC headphones deliver big sound. Right out of the box the 750’s sound pretty good. Bass is deep and full and they deliver enough detail to easily handle a variety of music genres. In fact, bass heads will probably fall in love the 750’s ability to deliver chest thumping bass. However, its bass heavy propensities do have a few drawbacks. Bass sometimes bleeds into the mids which robs them of some detail. Upper frequencies have good detail, but as you’ll see below, I found some of the JBL preset equalizer settings to sound a little harsh. However, this is where the JBL app flexed its muscles so to speak.


For anyone keen on getting the most out of the headphones, the app is a vital tool to customize their sound. By default, the app has three equalizer presets – Jazz, Vocals, and Bass. The bass setting, as expected, delivers copious amounts of low-end punch.  The Vocal and Jazz settings accentuate upper frequencies, but at high volume, I found both of these settings to be a little harsh. That’s where the equalizer in the app came in handy. Manually adjusting the equalizer and creating my own preset allowed me to adjust the sound quality to my liking. That being said, of the three pre-configured options, the bass setting was the one that I used the most and I think anyone accustomed to the sound of Beats headphones will probably find this setting the most appealing. Otherwise, I suggest you come up with your own equalizer preset.


The JBL Everest 750NC also has a built-in calibration system called TruNote. I listened to the headphones with and without calibration and the difference was minimal, however, it’s still worth running even if it only offers a slight bump in audio fidelity.


The Verdict

The JBL Everest 750NC headphones deliver big sound with solid noise canceling. They don’t have the audio fidelity of more expensive headphones, but they offer a nice balance between performance and features. The audio presets inside the app are serviceable, but in order to get the most out of this headset you need to dig in and customize your listening experience.


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