Hisense is known in the United States for offering bargain basement prices on their TVs. In fact, their 4K TVs are among the lowest priced Ultra HD displays on the market. Normally, lower priced TVs mean lower quality, however in Hisenses case they happen to be one of the largest TV manufacturers in China meaning they can manufacture their displays cheaper than most. Although the quality of their TVs aren’t quite on par with Samsung or Sony they’ve been gaining ground in recent years. Their latest competitor to the industry giants is the Hisense H6 55H6SG 55″ Smart TV with a suggested MRSP of $700.


The H6 55H6SG boasts a full 1080p HD display and offers several accoutrements that will have mass appeal. The H6 comes with the Android 4.2.2. operating system built-in and includes a huge variety of Android apps that we all know and love such as Google Chrome, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Vudu and Pandora to name a few. On top of these popular apps, the Hisense H6 55H6SG also sports built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, 3 HDMI inputs and an 120Hz refresh rate.


It’s rare to see a TV with this line-up of features at this price point. Will the picture quality be on par with offerings from the likes of Samsung or Sony? Probably not, however anyone on a tight budget who doesn’t want to skimp on features may want to give the Hisense H6 55H6SG a good look.


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