Looking like the offspring of a T-1000 Terminator, HelloEar’s stunning new custom in-ear monitors are ready for their debut. Fashioned from liquid metal, the Wonderland series is comprised of 92.5% silver alloy and comes plated with either platinum or rose gold.


HelloEar utilizes a laser sintering technique that’s used in high-end jewelry making to create the unique earphones. A¬†combination of 3D scanning and model rebuilding technology helps create a near perfect recreation of the user’s ear canal which ensures a near perfect fit.

HelloEars Wonderland EarphonesBeing comprised of metal, you’d expect these earphones to be heavy, however, HelloEar claims that they only weigh 15 grams. Because of the exactness of the fit, HelloEar says users can expect a 26-decibel drop in noise from the outside world.


Buyers can choose from two models – the Monet line and the Gauguin line. The Monet line has 6 internal drivers and will cost a wallet-busting $2,499. The 12-driver Gauguin line is even more expensive at $3,699. Whether or not the all metal enclosures will equate to better sound has yet to be determined, however, if you’d like to check them out, more information can be found on HelloEar’s website.

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