Last April, HBO launched its HBO Now stand alone streaming service to the delight of cord cutters everywhere. Thus far, the service has a subscribership of about 800,000. So it’s not exactly setting the world on fire, but don’t expect that to deter HBO.


HBO, like Netflix, believes that television is moving away from the subscription cable model. Instead, streaming content to various devices such as TV’s, smartphones and tablets are the future. In order to accomplish this HBO needs to become like Netflix and Amazon and become a curator of original content. At Time Warner’s fourth quarter earnings call, company chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes and HBO CEO Richard Plepler began outlining future plans for the premium TV channel.


According to Business Insider, the two big things on the agenda are to increase HBO’s global reach and boost the production of original content by 50% in 2016. HBO’s plans mirror Netflix’s. As of today, Netflix is available in nearly every major market (except China). HBO, like Netflix, believes that its line-up of original content can vastly increase its subscriber base both domestically and globally.  HBO, which has been shackled to cable companies since its inception, has a long way to go before it’s ready to completely sever the cord. Whether it can, depends on whether or not the network is agile enough to compete in the streaming video arena.

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