If you ever wanted HBO without the hassle of a cable subscription, well….now’s your chance. HBO’s new service, dubbed HBO NOW, allows users to get access to HBO’s premium content without the need of a cable subscription. The only thing you need is internet. The launch of HBO’s stand-alone service just happens to coincide with the start of the new season of their hit series Game of Thrones.


Thanks to a timed exclusive, HBO NOW is only available on Apple devices. It’s also available through one major internet provider, Cablevision.  Taking a quick peek at the website however, you’ll see that more providers will be coming shortly. Signing up for HBO NOW will get you a 30 day free trial and after that it will cost you about $14.99 per month.


HBO’s new service represents a paradigm shift in the traditional cable TV model. The service is being watched closely by both cable companies and other premium channels. Showtime has already stated that they have their own stand-alone service in the works and if HBO’s endeavor is successful, other channels will assuredly jump in too.


Cable TV has been battling to retain customers for several years and this move by HBO could represent another nail in the coffin of traditional cable




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