Better late than never may be a good term to use for Google’s new Nexus media player. In recent years’s we’ve seen numerous media players, like  Amazon’s Fire TV, hit store shelves with varying amounts of success. That being said, gaining a foothold in your living room is too tempting for big media conglomerates to pass up.


Google’s new Nexus Media Player ($99) will be the first device to utilize Google’s new Android TV OS. The Nexus Player is a round hockey puck shaped device that comes bundled with a simplified voice activated remote. For an extra $40 you can also purchase a gaming controller so you can play your favorite Android games on the big screen.

Google Nexus Player

Google’s goal is to have an integrated network of devices that sync seamlessly with one another. For instance, once connected, the Google Nexus Media Player will instantly recognize any Android device present in the room. If you start watching a movie or video on your Android phone or tablet you can instantly continue watching it on your Nexus Player or vice versa.


The Nexus Player has an advanced search engine that can respond to simple for voice commands such as “search for the Big Lebowski”. The Player will then search through it’s vast array of apps for your search criteria. Speaking of apps, the Nexus Player has in impressive arsenal of apps some of which include Netflix, HuluPlus, Plex, and Pandora to name a few.


As far as connectivity, the Nexus only has one HDMI connection and no ethernet. To get the Player on your network you’ll have to do it wirelessly.  However, considering it has one of the fastest wireless connections available with 802.11ac with MIMO, network speed shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


The chances of being able to pre-order a Nexus Player currently are slim since Google has already gone through their initial pre-orders. However, if you’re itching to get your hands on one you can keep checking it’s availability at the link below.

Google Nexus Player 



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