Fluance has released a steady stream of new speakers the past few years. Unfortunately, their subwoofers haven’t been the beneficiaries of these updates.  That will change in 2017 when Fluance adds two new subs to their lineup. The DB10 and DB12 subwoofers are designed to reproduce ultra-low frequencies that exceed the capabilities of typical speakers giving movies and music added dimension, depth and impact.


The DB10 will be the more compact of the two units thanks in part to its 10-inch driver. The DB10’s 16 x 12 x 16 inch rectangular body is available in three finish options; Black Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany.


The DB10’s frame is constructed of engineered medium-density fibreboard wood which Fluance claims gives the sub a warm pleasing sound and limits distortion. The cabinet is also ported and finely tuned in order to reproduce deep accurate bass. The DB10 uses a front-firing driver and, according to Fluance, can reach down to about 20Hz without any unexpected roll-off. The sub can also reproduce frequencies as high as 180Hz.


The DB10 is available now with a MSRP of $199. The DB12, which houses a bigger 12-inch driver, is expected to arrive early this Spring. Both subwoofers will be available as stand alone products or as part of Fluance’s surround packages. More info can be found on Fluance’s web site.

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