ESPN just announced the cancellation of their 3D channel.

“ESPN 3D was great at home but due to low adoption of 3D to home, we are discontinuing to focus on other products for fans and affiliates,” ESPN spokeswoman Katina Arnold announced via Twitter. The ratings for ESPN’s 3D channel were reportedly so low that they were below Nielsen’s measurable threshold.

This begs the question, does this signal the end of 3D TV? 3D has faced an uphill battle at home despite the success of 3D movies in the theater such as James Cameron’s Avatar. Despite a heavy push from hollywood and TV manufacturers, a lack of suitable content and interest from consumers has left the fledgling 3D market floundering. The truth is most modern TV’s are now 3D capable, however consumers have showed a severe lack of disinterest in 3D content at home. Most consumers have found the need for wearing glasses to watch 3D content a major drawback and have been reluctant to jump into the 3D arena. Until TV manufacturers are able to produce viable 3D technology that does not require glasses it may never take off as a viable format.




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