THE GOOD: The ELAC Debut B6 bookshelves are the total package. Solid looks, solid price and rock solid performance.


THE BAD: The mid-range, while precise, could use more delicacy and smoothness.


VERDICT: The B6’s have few peers that can match their price to performance ratio. Their transparent sound and solid looks put them in a class all their own.



ELAC Debut B6 Bookshelf Review

(MSRP: $279/pair)

Andrew Jones has been on a mission the past few years. After designing affordable speakers with near Audiophile sound for Pioneer, Jones decided to take his design acumen to another speaker manufacturer, ELAC America. Jones’ designs at Pioneer were critically acclaimed however, the question was, could Jones do it again with ELAC? After spending a generous amount of time with the ELAC Debut B6 Bookshelf Speakers, the answer is a resounding YES!

Elac Debut B6 Speaker
The B6 is a handsome speaker measuring about 14″ tall x 8.5″ wide x 10″ deep. They’re not huge speakers, but they’re not tiny either. Each speaker weighs in at about 15 lbs so they have a little bit of heft to them. The body of the ELAC Debut B6 is made of medium density fiber board and wrapped in a black vinyl. Instead of a faux wood grain finish, the vinyl covering of the B6 has a “brushed” surface treatment that gives it an almost brushed metal look. Overall, the B6’s reflect a clean and modern design aesthetic.


Elac Debut B6 Speaker

Elac Debut B6 – 5.25-inch Woven Aramid-Fiber Woofer


The front of the Debut B6 has four metal pins that the cloth grill attaches to. Giving the grill a slight tug reveals the heart of the speakers. The ELAC Debut B6 uses a 2-way, bass reflex design. The B6 features a 1-inch cloth dome tweeter with a spheroid waveguide. Nestled below the tweeter sits a 5.25-inch woven aramid-fiber cone which handles mid and low frequencies.


Elac Debut B6 Bookshelf Speaker

Flip the speaker around and you’ll see the B6 has 5-way gold-plated metal binding posts which handles a variety of connection options. Above the posts sits a small bass port. Because of this, you’ll want to keep these puppies several inches away from the wall to minimize bass distortion.


Sound Quality

After breaking in the ELAC Debut B6 speakers for a little over 20 hours we finally decided to sit down for some heavy listening. It was immediately apparent that the B6’s are far more capable than their meager price tag would suggest.


The B6’s will deceive you. With their small cabinet volume, you don’t expect much in the way of bass response. However, these ELAC’s can easily put a pair of budget towers to shame. According to ELAC, the B6’s should be able to get as low as 46 Hz, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get audible bass down into the 35 Hz range. The bass is authoritative without being muddy, sloppy or boomy. Even after cranking the volume on our amp, the speakers never lost their composure. In fact, the bass was always tight and controlled.


Precision is how we would describe the overall performance of the Debut B6’s. Higher frequencies were precise, crisp and clear. Their meticulous fidelity carried over to their mid-range. Alabama Shakes “Sound and Color” album had little to no coloration when we cued it up. Sonically, the B6’s have a very transparent sound that belies their affordable price tag. When compared to another one of our favorite budget speakers, the Pioneer SP-BS22, the B6’s mid-range and bass displayed more detail and subtlety. However, after spending some time with the ELAC B6‘swe felt they lacked the smoothness of another one of our favorite bookshelves, the SVS Primes. Keep in mind, the Primes cost $200 dollars more than the B6’s so a marginal performance difference is expected.



It was questionable whether or not Andrew Jones could do for ELAC what he did for Pioneer. Our demo time with the B6’s has laid to rest any fears or doubts we had. With an MSRP of only $279 I simply don’t know if you can find a better pair of speakers that can give you near audiophile performance at a budget price.

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