Elac has enjoyed quite a bit of success the past couple years. Between their Debut and Uni-Fi lines, Andrew Jones and Elac have managed to consistently strike a balance between performance and affordability. This year Elac is debuting a new Andrew Jones designed series called Adante which is targeting the high-end home theater market.


The line consists of three new speakers; the AC-61GV center speaker ($2,000), the AF-61GW floorstanding speaker ($5,000), and the AS 61GB bookshelves ($2,500/pair). The Adante line is aesthetically different than anything that Elac has released thus far in the U.S. When they go into production the Adantes will have a brushed aluminum face paired with titanium drivers.


If you spin the Adantes around, the one thing you won’t see is a port. The Adantes instead use a unique configuration to produce low frequencies. The towers, for instance, have a 6-inch woofer enclosed inside a ported box. The box is then concealed inside the speaker cabinet and drive an 8-inch passive radiator to produce smooth extended bass.


Like the Debut and Uni-Fi lines, the Adantes use a concentric/midrange tweeter design to create a flat frequency response and consistent imaging.


According to Andrew Jones, the Adantes are still a work in progress, however Elac is shooting for a 2nd quarter 2017 release date in the U.S. When they go on sale, they’ll be available in three finishes gloss black, gloss white and walnut.



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