Denon wants to kick-off 2017 with a bang by introducing a new set of headphones geared towards audiophiles. The new AH-D7200 phones have a scheduled January 2017 launch date and sport a distinctive and elegant look thanks to their walnut ear cups. The cups not only look great, but the shape also reduces internal resonance and reflections.


The D7200’s weigh a mere 14 ounces which means they should be light enough to facilitate multiple hours of music listening. To up the comfort factor, the inner ear cups are comprised of memory foam wrapped in synthetic leather.


The heart of the Denon AH-D7200 is a 50mm free edge driver diaphragm which is made from a lightweight rigid nano-fiber material. To reduce distortion and vibrations the driver is fitted inside resin baffles.  The drivers are also paired with a powerful neodymium magnet and lightweight copper coated aluminum voice coil which should make the headphones quick and responsive.


The internal wiring and detachable cable of the D7200 use high-purity oxygen-free copper. A “floating jack” design connects the cable to the ear cups which prevents the transmission of mechanical noise.


With all of the aforementioned features the Denon AH-D7200s will command a premium price. When they land in January, you can expect them to retail for about $1000.

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