Well, if you’re a Time Warner customer in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Denver or Pittsburgh you have mostly likely gotten screwed by both Time Warner Cable and CBS. While these two media giants duke it out you, unfortunately, are stuck in the crossfire. Well, fear not, because we’re going to list a few items that will show you how to cut the cable….maybe once and for all!

Apple TV

Apple TV

Back in March CBS launched their Apple TV app. which allows users to access many of CBS’s vast catalog of programming including prime time shows. Daytime and Late night programming is usually available within 24 hours, while prime time shows are usually available 8 days after originally airing. Of course the Apple TV
also gives you access to the iTunes store which in turn gives you unlimited access to a variety of streaming TV Shows and Movies. And at $99, this little device won’t break the bank.

Netflix & Amazon

Amazon Prime - Netflix

Both of these video streaming behemoth’s are capable of streaming CBS shows. In fact, earlier this year both re-upped their contracts with CBS which gives them access to a variety of CBS TV shows. Unfortunately, the vast majority of CBS’s library which is available to these providers is pretty old. There are a few exceptions. For instance, CBS’s Under the Dome  is available 4 days after it airs on CBS.



Aereo is the new kid on the block and is the one that cable providers and tv networks should really be worried about. In fact, they are. Last year broadcasters took Aereo to court trying to put an end to the service. However, Aereo won the legal battle and is a viable alternative to cable providers. Aereo essentially allows users to watch TV online without the need of a cable connection. Aereo uses a dime size antenna to grab the over the air tv signals for only $8 a month and allows you to watch all of your favorite shows in real time. For $12 you get 60 hours of DVR storage which isn’t too shabby. The one caveat is that it’s currently only available in Atlanta, Boston and New York. However, Aereo plans on rolling out the service to more locations in the very near future.

HDTV Antenna

Mohu Leaf Antenna

Of course, the one piece of technology that’s been used since the inception of television is the good old reliable antenna. Most of us are so used to cable, we forget that the major networks broadcast their signals over the airwaves.  The Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna is one of the most popular antenna’s on the market. it’s garnered great critical reviews from hometheaterreview.com and CNET. Over at Amazon it currently has over 3,000 user reviews and an average rating of 4 stars which is pretty good for a device that’s about as thick as a piece of paper.

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