Comcast Seeit

Comcast recently announced a partnership with Twitter that may revolutionize the way we interact with our beloved TV shows.  Comcast just released a new feature which they’re calling SEEiT. When Comcast Xfinity subscribers click on a Tweet about a TV show with the embedded SEEiT feature in it, they’ll have a flurry of options to choose from such as setting a Comcast DVR to record the show, pull up on-demand programming, or view the show on a smartphone or tablet via the TV Everywhere app.

According to Multichannel, SEEiT currently only support two shows, Haven and Naked Vegas. Comcast is hopeful that SEEiT will be available for shows from other broadcasters shortly however, Comcast has a huge library of NBC Universal shows that they can offer once SEEiT establishes itself. Comcast sees Twitter as just the beginning and hopes to offer SEEiT via other social media platforms in future.

Currently SEEiT is only available to Xfinity customers, but Comcast may also offer the service to non-comcast subscribers via a 3rd party app. It’s even possible that Comcast could license the service to other cable providers such as Time Warner and Cox Cable if the service becomes popular. For the time being both Comcast and Twitter are starting small to see how popular the service is. If it catches on, it could make watching TV a more engaging experience for all.


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