Floorstanding Speakers

Klipsch Fifteens

Klipsch Introduces Two New Retro Speakers

In celebration of their 70th anniversary, Klipsch is continuing to release a bevy of new speakers. The Fifteens and Forté IIIs are the next group to be launched under Klipsch's Heritage line. Both of these new ... Read More...
Polk Signature Series

Polk Introduces Its New Signature Series

At Cedia 2016 Polk added a bold new line of speakers to their substantial portfolio. The new Polk Signature series features a clean modern look and feel that's a bit of a departure from past Polk designs. All o... Read More...
Fluance Signature Series

Fluance Launches Signature Series Speakers

There's been a shift in the hi-fi market the past decade or so. Thanks to the recent crop of direct to consumer speaker manufacturers high-end audio has never become more affordable. Canadian manufacturer Fluan... Read More...

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