Sound Bars

Sonos Playbase Preview

Sonos Playbase Leaks Online

Internet leaks are nothing new so its not too surprising when a technology company has one of their newest products leak online before an official announcement is made. This is the case with Sonos. For a brief ... Read More...
Yamaha YAS-106 Review

Yamaha YAS-106 Soundbar Review

Yamaha YAS-106 Design The slender YAS-106 soundbar measures about 35" long x 5" deep x 2" high. Its low profile means it should fit nicely on most TV stands without obstructing a TVs image or IR signal. The fi... Read More...
Fluance AB40 Sound Stand Preview

Fluance Unleashes Their AB40 Sound Base

Sound bases have never enjoyed the same popularity as their sound bar cousins, however sound bases have one distinct advantage. Because their cabinets are typically larger they're capable of producing greater a... Read More...

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