Yamaha AV Receivers

Yamaha Aventage RX-A3060 Preview

Yamaha Aventage RX-A3060 Preview

The 9.2 channel Aventage RX-A3060 is the cream of the crop in Yamaha's line this year. From stem to stern the RX-A3060 is built like a tank. It's reinforced H-shaped chassis is designed to reduce vibrations. Th... Read More...
Yamaha RV-V581 Review

Yamaha RX-V581 Review

When you hit Yamaha's 2016 RX series, the Yamaha RX-V581 is the first of these new amps to feature both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It also features full 4K support on all of its HDMI inputs. The 7.2 Channel receive... Read More...
Yamaha RX-V481 Review

Yamaha RX-V481 Review

The 5 channel Yamaha RX-V481 is the step-up model from the Yamaha RX-V381 . While there aren't huge differences between the two, the 481 does have a tad more power and it also throws WiFi and Multi-Zone support... Read More...
Yamaha RX-A2060 Preview

Yamaha Aventage RX-A2060 Preview

The Yamaha RX-A2060 is the near the top of Yamaha's 2016 Aventage line.  The 2060 is loaded to the gills with features.  From the frame to the power supply, everything inside the 2060 is designed to reduce elec... Read More...

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