Bose has just released what they’re calling “their best Bluetooth speakers to date”. Called the Soundlink Revolve and Soundlink Revolve Plus, both speakers feature a seamless aluminum water resistant construction.

Bose Revolve and Revolve Plus Preview

According to Bose, the Revolve and Revolve Plus radiate audio 360 degrees producing full range sound. Dual passive radiators are responsible for providing deep bass and a pressure trap is used to help eliminate distortion. We all have butter fingers sometimes, so it’s not uncommon for a portable speaker to come face to face with the floor.  Both speakers have a soft impact resistant bases to help mitigate damage caused from accidental drops.


The 7.25-inch Revolve Plus includes a fabric handle to help make the speaker easier to carry. The smaller 6-inch Revolve doesn’t include a handle, but at 1.5 lbs, it weighs a half pound less than the Plus. As far as endurance, the Revolve Plus has an estimated battery life of about 16 hours, while the Revolve should be able to go about 12 on a single charge. Besides size, the Plus is anticipated to play louder and have deeper bass output. Both speakers also support voice input with Apple Siri and Google Now.


The Revolve and Revolve Plus are available now at various retailers.

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