KEF’s award winning LS50 mini monitors are now available in a glossy ice blue and white. Despite the new coloration, the LS50’s have the same signature sound as the black and gold edition.  The LS50 sports a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter with a 5.25-inch aluminum/magnesium woofer. The ribbed ring around the tweeter acts as a wave guide which helps improve performance. The front panel of the speakers feature a Dough Moulding Compound which is a polyester resin combined with fibre glass and calcium carbonate. Rigorous internal bracing insures that the LS50’s have minimal distortion.


Voted speaker of the year in 2012 by CNET, the L50s have been praised for their tonal balance, clarity and surprisingly good bass response despite being only 12 inches high. Their small stature means that they can be right at home on your desktop or on speaker stands in your home theater. Of course, superb acoustics do come at a price. At $1,500 a pair, they’re not cheap. However, as any self respecting audiophile will attest to, you can’t put a price on good sound quality.


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