Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Review

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution is an impressive carpet cleaner. It's affordable, quiet, and easy to maneuver. It also excels at doing one very important carpets.

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The Good
  • The 2X does a very good job at removing tough set-in stains. Quieter and lighter than most carpet cleaners on the market. Quick Clean setting is perfect for sucking up quick spills or everyday carpet maintenance.
The Bad
  • Could do a better job inhaling liquid out of the carpet. Long dry times with deep clean setting.
9Overall Score

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution is marketed as a lightweight carpet cleaner that’s ideally suited for tough stains left behind by kids or pets. The  truth is that it’s a solid performer. It’s lighter than most carpet cleaners making it relatively easy to maneuver and when its all said and done, it does a good job gobbling up stains. Suction may be its biggest issue, but even that’s forgivable when you’re left with nice clean carpets.


Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution ReviewBissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Review

Design & Assembly

Putting the ProHeat 2X Revolution together is a cinch as long as you have a phillips screwdriver handy. The handle is a long aluminum shaft that slides into the body of the Revolution. The carrying handle attaches to the base and the lone screw that’s included with the cleaner is used to lock everything in place.


A spot directly above the dirty water reservoir is reserved for the clean water tank. Sliding it over two grooves locks it in place. At first I noticed a slight wobble in the clean water tank when I put in place leading me to believe it may want to plop out when in use. However, after using the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution for a considerable length of time it remained in place during use and never became an issue.


Pre-Game Setup

If you have carpets, you have stains. If you have kids and pets, you have even more stains. To add more fuel to the fire, how often do you clean your carpets? Once, maybe twice a year? In between those cleanings a lot of grime and dirt can build-up on your carpets. The Bissell claims that the ProHeat 2X Revolution performs at or near professional levels. During our tests it did perform surprisingly good, but whether it’s on par with a professional grade carpet cleaner is up for debate.


First of all, using the ProHeat 2X is easy. Simply fill the water/solution reservoir to the indicated level with water. Then pour the appropriate amount of cleaner into the container and your done. The 2X comes with a small bottle of the Professional concentrated cleaner as well as an equally small bottle of Bissell’s deep clean antibacterial formula. I used both on my carpets and noticed only a slight difference between the two. Both left the carpets smelling fresh, however after a couple weeks a quick sniff test told me that the antibacterial treated area still maintained its fresh smell. Whereas the Professional cleaner’s fresh scent had all but dissipated.


Before you get started, first things first. You want to suck-up as much dirt and pet hair as you can with your friendly neighborhood vacuum. Believe me when I tell you, you’ll probably be disgusted with how much pet hair your vacuum leaves behind, but I’ll talk about that a little later.


If you have really tough stains, Bissell recommends that you use a pre-treater. I tested two tough stains with and without a pre-treater and the pre-treated stain did come out easier than the non-treated stain so it does help.


Stepping on the release lever on the base of the ProHeat 2X reclines the handle and a small power button on the left switches it on. One thing you’ll notice right away is that the 2X is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver. Although, it’s heavier than your typical vacuum cleaner you won’t get a hernia lugging it up and down the stairs. It’s also quieter than most carpet cleaners that I’ve used.



Depressing a button underneath the handle releases the cleaning solution on your carpet. Slide the ProHeat forward and back twice as you press the button. To suck-up the liquid, simply release the button and push/pull the 2X  forward and back in a slow and steady motion. If you use the antibacterial solution, Bissell recommends spraying your carpet with three passes and using only one “dry pass” to inhale the liquid. After cleaning a few areas you’ll start to see the dark cloudy water collecting in the dirty water tank. Based on the muddy muck that was in the ProHeat 2X after a few passes I’d have to say that the cleaner did a pretty good job relieving my carpets of their oppressive dirt.
Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Review

Most if not all of my carpet stains quickly disappeared, including some tough pet stains that I had all but given up on. In addition to these, heavily trafficked areas of the carpet had become dark and dingy. I feared that these sections of carpet had developed an immunity to being cleaned. Even professional cleaners struggled to adequately clean these areas. To my surprise the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution made short work of these dirty spots.


Along with the stains being yanked from the carpet, so was the remaining pet hair that still lay within the carpet fibers. You’ll notice this collecting on the wheels of the carpet cleaner.

The Fur Maker

The Fur Maker Breaking-in a Fresh, Clean Carpet

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution has two modes. The Quick Clean mode is for “maintenance” cleaning. The machine throws out less solution so the carpets dry faster. For me it was about an hour and a half until they were completely dry. The deep clean mode is a different story. If you have particularly stubborn stains you’ll want to use the deep clean mode. The one caveat with this, is that it will take your carpets much longer to dry. My carpet took about 6-8 hours to dry using the deep clean mode.


Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Review

Included with the Bissell cleaner is a 3″ Tough Stain Tool and a Pet Stain Tool. Both of these are easy of enough to use. Attach the included hose to the base of the ProHeat 2X Revolution and then snap on the attachment. I have an ottoman which has been severely stained by both cats and humans and was long over due for a good cleaning. The Tough Stain Tool made quick work of the ottoman. In about 15-20 minutes it looked almost as good as new.


The Verdict

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution did a surprisingly good job. I’m still not sure you can call it “professional grade”, but it’s better than the majority of carpet cleaners I’ve used in the past. Some that I’ve purchased cost substantially more than the 2X. All things considered, the ProHeat gives you great bang for your buck. In addition to its cleaning prowess, it’s quiet, lightweight and very maneuverable which means Bissell struck carpet cleaning gold when they made this cleaner.


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