Bic America isn’t as well known as Klipsch or Polk, but they’ve been in the speaker business for over 20 years. Although, they sell their speakers thru limited distribution channels, they’ve managed to garner a rabid following among audio enthusiast who crave good sound at an affordable price. Their latest tower speakers, the Acoustech PL-980’s, utilize a new 3-way design that is a substantial departure from the other speakers in their line-up.

Bic America Acoustech PL-980 Speakers


Outwardly, the Bic America PL-980 speakers have a high-end look and feel thanks to their hand-rubbed black lacquer tops and bottoms and gold plated terminals. With a height of nearly 4 feet, these speakers aren’t small by any stretch of the imagination.


The new configuration of the 980’s should provide a substantial upgrade over the 2-way design of Bic’s former flagship speakers, the Acoustech PL-89’s. Unlike, the PL-89 towers which rely upon their aluminum dome horn to handle both the mid and high frequencies, the new PL-980’s have a dedicated 5 inch mid-range driver. The driver, which is housed in it’s own separate compartment, is segregated from the two 8 inch woofers seated directly below it. This design has the potential to eliminate interference from the woofers which should result in a rich clean mid-range.


The dual 8 inch active woofers are assigned the enviable task of handling low frequencies. Along with these active woofers, the Bic PL-980’s also incorporate two 8 inch passive radiators who’s purpose is to improve bass extension and eliminate port noise. To handle high frequencies, the 980’s also have a 6.5 inch mid/high frequency aluminum dome horn. If the specs are to be believed, these new speakers have a frequency response of 22Hz-23kHz which means they should pack quite a punch for both music and home theater use even without a subwoofer. With a sensitivity rating of 98dB any decently powered amp should be able to push the 980’s with relative ease.


The Acoustech PL-980 Towers have a suggested MSRP of $749/each however they can usually be found online selling for substantially less than that. Based on the specs and price we’re eager to get our hands on a set of these to see if they’re up to snuff.

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