After a substantial delay Apple has finally announced the release of their new AirPods. When the new iPhone 7 was announced in September, Apple also unveiled their new Bluetooth powered AirPods to go with it. To the chagrin of many iPhone users, the iPhone 7 dumped the traditional headphone hook-up. Only Bluetooth headphones or headphones that include a lightning connector could be used with the iPhone 7.


Originally, Apple’s AirPods were on tap to be released in October, however Apple’s reluctance to release an unpolished product resulted in their launch date being pushed back. The newly designed Air Pods look nearly identical to the wired Pods that have been partnered with Apple’s past iPhones, however the new Bluetooth Pods lack wires of any sort.


According to Apple, the new buds can go for 5 hours on a single charge. If you need some juice quickly, plopping your Pods in the charging case will give you 3 hours of listening time within 15 minutes.


IPhone 7 users have been eagerly awaiting the new AirPods so they’re expected to go fast. The pods are available to order from Apple’s web site for a price of $159.

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