Rumors have been circulating for months regarding Amazon’s phantom-like set-top box. According to CNET, these rumors may be true. Reportedly, Amazon’s set-top box will run on some form of Google’s Android OS. Amazon already offers streaming TV and Movies through their Amazon Prime service, so the addition of a set-top box would make perfect sense.


As if TVs and Movies aren’t enough, whispers are also swirling around that Amazon’s set-top box could also act as a gaming device. Recently, Amazon’s posted job ads for Game Developers via Linkdin and they’ve recently acquired the game studio Double Helix Games. All signs are pointing to Amazon throwing their hat in the games arena although to what extent no one knows for sure.


It’s believed that Amazon’s box will be revealed this March, but thus far they’re being very tight lipped regarding their future intentions. Until Amazon makes an official statement all of this is just conjecture.

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