It looks like Amazon Prime is about to get a little more expensive for subscribers. Amazon announced today that they’re increasing the price of their Amazon Prime service from $79 to $99. Student rates will also increase from $39 to $49. The $20 increase represents the first time Amazon has increased the rates of it’s Amazon Prime service since it began 9 years ago.


Prime members get the benefit of free second day shipping for many items sold by Amazon as well as the ability to borrow kindle books and stream movies and TV shows. It had been rumored that Amazon was contemplating increasing the price of it’s Prime membership to $119. The price increase will of course fatten Amazon’s bottom line and also help finance more original programming. According to Amazon, it’s Prime service has been so popular that they had to limit sign-ups during the frantic Christmas season.


The price increase isn’t set to go into effect until March 20th. Anyone signing up for Amazon Prime¬†between now and then can lock in the current price of $79 for 1 year.




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