Amazon’s Alexa enabled speakers have been a surprise hit. Since the voice activated assistant’s inception it has been tethered to one Amazon’s three speakers; the Echo, Dot or Tap. We’re starting to see signs that Amazon is ready to open things up a bit by partnering with other speaker makers such as Sonos.


While Amazon has been experiencing fantastic results with their Alexa enabled speakers, Sonos has been struggling. Once the king of multi-room audio Sonos has faced increased competition from a slew of electronic manufacturers. Because of this, Sonos is looking to get any leg-up it can on the competition. It appears that Alexa may provide the edge that Sonos needs.


For months it’s been rumored that Sonos has been playing around with Alexa voice activated controls on their current speakers, but there was a downside to this. Controlling existing Sonos speakers required that owners also have one of Amazon’s Alexa enabled speakers. So essentially using Amazon’s virtual assistant required the use of two speakers. Not an ideal situation.


According to Variety, that may change soon. Sonos is believed to be working on a speaker that has Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant built inside. With Alexa integration, you can control your Sonos speaker’s music playback ability with your voice. It can also keep you updated on the latest news and weather. In addition, Sonos is believed to be cultivating partnerships with other voice control companies such as Google.


Thus far Sonos has not given a time table as to when or if this new speaker will be available, but we can only hope that it arrives on store shelves in time for Christmas.

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