When you first look at the T3TRA speakers the first thing that jumps out at you is the unique shape. These speakers abandon the boxy design of traditional speakers and instead adopt the tetrahedron as their chosen form.


This shape wasn’t chosen haphazardly. According to Alienology, the makers of these unusual speakers, standing waves are diminished inside the equilateral sides of a tetrahedron. In addition, the T3TRA’s rounded corners help reduce edge diffraction.


The T3TRA features a 3D printed uni-body frame with no joints. The 3D frame has a uniform density at all points and the final production speakers will be identical to the developmental models. The playful looking speakers will surely stand out in your room thanks to their vibrant red, green and orange variants.

Alienology T3TRA
Each speaker will come wrapped in multi-layer birch plywood to give the speakers a warm and natural feel. A lightweight 3″ aluminum driver is responsible for audio duties. Each speaker is assembled by hand in California and tested before shipping out.


The T3TRAs will come in two configurations – Active and Classic. The Active variant has a built-in 20 watt amplifier and Bluetooth. If you choose to use a single speaker both channels are joined in a mono setup. If you want to use dual speakers you can set them up as a stereo pair. In this configuration the speaker with the 20 watt amplifier is tethered to a passive second speaker.

Alienology T3TRA

The Classic has no amplification. Instead you’ll need the assistance of an external amplifier. Alienology will offer the Classic in pairs, but additional speakers can be added to suit your setup.


Alienology is currently holding a Kickstarter campaign to help fund production of the T3TRAs. Those wishing to fund the Kickstarter campaign can pledge anywhere from $155 to $315. At the maximum pledge level you’ll get the T3TRA Active Stereo pair in your choice of colors. As with any Kickstarter campaign there are inherent risks, but if you’re eager to check them out you can head over to Kickstarter.

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