Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Quad Copter Drone Review
There’s no denying that the Falcon has some flaws. But if you’re a Star Wars fan you can probably overlook all of them, because heck….you’re flying the Millennium Falcon.

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Value 6.5
Fun Factor8
The Good
  • The Air Hogs Millennium Falcon features sound effects right out of the movie. Also, once you get the hang of flying it, the Falcon makes you feel like Han Solo’s co-pilot.
The Bad
  • The Falcon uses a cumbersome recharge method and the battery isn’t removable. You get roughly 8-10 minute of play time before it needs more juice. At a little over $100 it’s a little pricey.
6.9Overall Score

If you ever dreamed of flying the Star Wars Millennium Falcon your dream my finally come true. Well…..sort of. It just happens to be 9.5″ long and made of foam & plastic. The new Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Quad Copter is a small bundle of joy that’s sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, but always cool.


The Air Hogs Millennium Falcon is roughly the size of small dinner plate and extremely light weight. At first you may be a little disappointed in the build-quality since the body’s made nearly entirely of foam and plastic. However, after spending several days with the copter and numerous crashes, the foam is a perfect choice. Like the iconic ship from the movie, the crash resistant foam allows the falcon to take a real licking.

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If you flip over the Millennium Falcon Copter you’ll see a power button and a charge port. Bundled with the copter you get a USB cable for charging and of course a remote control. The remote requires 6 AA batteries to operate so you’ll want to have a few on hand.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Control

A small panel on the lower right corner of the remote conceals a charge cable that you can use to refuel the Falcon when it needs an energy boost. Be warned though, this will drain your 6 AA batteries quickly. As an alternative you can plug the included USB cable into the controller and then go from the controller to the Falcon. This method bypasses the batteries all together. It’s recommended that you plug the USB cable into your computer to charge, but you can also plug it into a USB wall charger to achieve the same result.

This entire setup I find to be strange and superfluous. Being able to plug the USB cable directly into the Falcon would simplify the entire process. During my testing I was able to eek out about 8-10 minutes of flying time with the Falcon. Re-charging takes roughly an hour between each flight. This was a little disappointing. Just when I was starting to find my groove with the little Falcon, the battery was exhausted. Also, the battery is not removable. You have no choice but to wait for the Millennium Falcon to recharge before taking off again.


Making the Jump to Light Speed

If you’ve never flown an RC copter or drone before, there’s definitely a learning curve. This is where the foam body of the copter comes in handy. I crashed the Millennium Falcon more times than I could count, but it always emerged without a scratch or dent.


The Falcon Quad Copter has built-in Gyro-stabilization which made it relatively easy to hover and level off the copter. Moving forward, back and turning took a little bit of practice, but after a few flights (and crashes) I had the hang of it. On the top of the remote are two buttons. The left activates Star Wars sound effects. The right button activates the falcon’s hyper-drive. Basically the blue hyper-drive LED lights on the rear flash and the Falcon accelerates forward briefly.


Because of the Falcon’s small size and light weight  a rush of unexpected air can easily throw you off course. Flying around the house was no problem, but getting too close to an air vent would occasionally cause a loss of control. While it’s recommended that you fly the Air Hogs Millennium Falcon indoors you can take it outside to roam the skies. Although, as I mentioned, a strong gust of wind can easily take the Falcon off course so make sure you take it out on a calm day.


The Verdict

The Falcon takes a little time to get used, but once you get the hang of flying it, it’s pretty cool. The Falcon’s one of those things that any Star Wars Geek will probably drool over, but it’s not without its flaws. For starters, Air Hogs has chosen an awkward method of recharging the Falcon. Also, it’s a little disappointing that the battery isn’t swappable and that the charge time is so lengthy. The Falcon will probably cost you a little over $100 to pick-up which is a little pricey for a quad copter of this size. These misgivings aside the Air Hogs Millennium Falcon is capable of providing hours of flying enjoyment if you’re willing to put some time and effort into it.


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