5. Krell’s Modulari Duo Reference

Modulari Duo Reference speaker

The Modulari Duo Reference speakers stand 44″ high and sport a thick aluminum shell construction and each one weighs in at 345lbs  The Duo is actually two modules sandwiched together. The top module features a 7-inch aluminum woofer and 1-inch ring radiator tweeter. The lower module which is the bass unit features three 8-inch drivers giving the duo the ability to dig down to about 27Hz. Believe it or not the Krell Modulari Duo are the cheapest speakers on this list at $65,000 per pair. So you might be able to afford these.


4. Focal Grande Utopia EM Speakers

Focal Grande Utopia EM Loudspeakers

Focal’s Grande Utopia EM’s are priced at $180,000 per pair and have a strikingly unique appearance. It’s slight curve conceals several high-end components such as a 16-inch Electro-magnetic woofer design, along with an 11-inch mid-bass woofer, two 61/2-inch woofers and the company’s top-of-the-line IAL2 pure Beryllium 1-inch inverted-dome tweeter. These speakers have a frequency response of 18Hz to 40kHz and a 94dB sensitivity rating.


3. Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

Priced at $480,000 per pair the insides of the Coltane Supreme 2’s are impressive. They include one 20mm diamond supertweeter, one 51mm diamond tweeter, one ceramic-cone midrange unit, one 8” laminated aluminum-sandwich woofer, six 8” laminated aluminum-sandwich woofers, and six 11” passive radiators—all crossed-over with first-order filters. Now that’s what I call a mouthful. If you can afford these babies I’m sure they sound fantastic.

2. Magico Ultimate III Speakers

Magico Ultimate III These 7 foot beasts weigh in at 800 lbs and costs $600,000 each. You won’t find these speakers made on any factory assembly line because each speaker is made to order. Inside each of these heavyweights are eight horn loaded drivers and a 4,000 watt 15-inch subwoofer. The Magico Ultimates incorporate only the highest quality components including aircraft-grade aluminum. If you think you can afford these, then you better place your order now because a pair of these can take a month to make.


1. Transmission Audio Ultimate Speakers

Transmission Audio Ultimate Transmission Audio’s Ultimate Speakers are probably the most expensive speakers ever made. One of the seven foot speakers will set you back a cool 1 million dollars. So for stereo sound you’ll pay 2 million and for a 5 channel or 7 channel system, you’ll pay an astonishing 5 million or 7 million dollars respectively. What do you get for a million dollars? Well, each of the speakers consists of six 7′ panels. Housed inside each speaker is a group of 2-inch wide and 1-inch wide ribbon tweeters, forty 15-inch subwoofers and twenty-four 8-inch woofers. With these specs, these speakers can play louder than a jet engine. Of course, if you can afford these you also have your own private jet and you’re already aware that the sound of these rival a jet engine.

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