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Yamaha has released a few details about the heir apparent to their successful RX-V377 entry level receiver. The new Yamaha RX-V379 on the surface looks identical to last years 377 with a couple of notable additions.


New to this year’s entry level receiver is the inclusion of bluetooth which allows you to push music wirelessly to the receiver. Bluetooth is a feature that wasn’t included in Yamaha’s upper tier RX receivers last year so it’s impressive to see it in an entry level model.


The 379 includes 5 HDMI inputs and 1 output. One of the inputs (and the output) support HDCP 2.2 copy protection. This copy protection compatibility will be needed when 4K video becomes more prevalent. The 379 will allow 4K pass through, however it won’t upscale content to 4K.


The remote of the Yamaha RX-V379 has also undergone an overhaul (thank goodness). While last year’s 377 had a simpler remote than previous iterations, the 379 has taken it a step further. The buttons are bigger and the layout is even more simplified which should make operating the receiver easier and less confusing.

Yamaha RX-V379


Like the 377, the Yamaha 379 boasts 5.1 channels of amplification with 130 watts of power per channel. The 379 also includes Yamaha’s compressed music enhancer which improves the frequency response of compressed music files such as MP3’s. For calibration, the RX-V379 uses Yamaha’s tried and true YPAO room calibration system which only takes a few minutes to run and has worked very well on past models we’ve tested it.


Yamaha’s virtual cinema front feature also makes a return on the 379. If you’re having difficulty with speaker placement in your room, this feature allows you to place them in the front of your listening area and the receiver is then able to create virtual surround speakers. We tested this feature on last year’s models and it did create a very wide and engaging sound field. While it’s not a replacement for actual surround speakers it does give you more flexibility with speaker placement.


The Yamaha RX-V377 was one of our favorite entry level receivers in 2014. If the 379 has the same sound quality as the 377, the added features should make it one our favorites again this year. As soon as we get our hands on a review model, we’ll be sure to post our thoughts. The Yamaha RX-V379 should be hitting store shelves now with an MSRP of $299.


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