Pioneer 4K Blu-ray Reader

Pioneer to Bring the First 4K Blu-ray Drive to PCs

With UHD video gaining a stronger foothold in living rooms we're starting to see 4K Blu-rays coming to the forefront of the 4K revolution. However, to enjoy its Ultra HD goodness you need to have the proper equipment on hand. A 4K display or TV is a must along... Read More...
Hulu 4K

Hulu Begins Streaming in 4K

Hulu has been playing catch-up to Netflix and Amazon when it comes to 4K streaming. However, Hulu is now ready to dip their toes in the 4K pool. Their available 4K choices are a bit sparse, but Hulu says they'r... Read More...
Denon AVR-S920W Review

Denon AVR-S920W Review

AV makers are reliably predictable. From year to year AV receivers don't change much aesthetically. The new Denon AVR-S920W is a perfect example. It looks basically identical to last year's 910. It's big, black... Read More...