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SVS’s Ultra series of home theater speakers has garnered high praise from many home theater enthusiast the past few years. However, because of their high price tag, the Ultra series hasn’t been easily accessible for the average Joe. SVS’s new Prime series aims to change that.


Some of the technology from SVS’s Ultra series has trickled down to the new Prime series. From the newly designed crossover to the machined front baffle, the new Prime speakers benefit from SVS’s experience gained from developing the Ultra Series. In an effort to make the Prime series more affordable to the masses the Prime’s are available in two finishes. Like the Ultra series, the Prime’s come in a high gloss piano black finish, however if you want to save a few bucks you can also get them in a black ash finish.


SVS Prime Center Speaker

Starting At $349

SVS Prime Center Speaker

The Prime Center uses a true 3-way design with the 1″ aluminum dome tweeter placed directly above the mid-range driver resulting in crystal clear dialogue and sound reproduction. The tweeter and mid-range driver are flanked on either side by two 5.25 inch woofers. The woofers hit the low notes while the mid-range driver, which is set inside it’s own isolated enclosure, takes care of the mid-range frequencies. The center makes use of SVS’s SoundMatch 3-way crossover which ensures a seamless transition between all of the drivers.



SVS Prime Tower Speakers

Starting at $499

SVS Prime Tower Speakers

The Prime Tower’s utilize a 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter, a 4.5 inch mid-range driver and dual 6.5 inch woofers. The Tower’s unique 3.5 way design results in better bass response and a silky smooth transition to the mid-range.


The 4.5 inch mid-range is sealed in it’s own enclosure which results in overall improved mid-range response and accuracy.


At the end of the day, the two Prime tower speakers are capable of providing crystal clear dialogue while providing extra bass punch for intense action movies.



SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers

Starting at $249 each

SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers

The Prime Bookshelves incorporate a 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter and one 6.25 inch woofer. SVS’s  SoundMatch network ensures a smooth seamless transition from the tweeter to the woofer. To reduce edge diffraction, the front baffle is chamfered  and the front drivers are flush mounted. The overall design of the bookshelves result in a set of speakers that have greater imaging and overall sound fidelity.


SVS has packed a lot of technology into the Prime series while still keeping them affordable. If you’re itching to try them out, SVS also offers a 45 day trial period so that you can listen to the speakers in your home risk free. The Prime Series is expected to start shipping towards the end of October.


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