Space is always a concern when assembling any home theater. Copious amounts of wires and cables add to the chaos especially when space is at a premium. Sony’s new ultra-short throw projector, the LSPX-W1S, is one possible solution for these enduring dilemmas. The LSPX-W1S is capable of broadcasting a 147-inch wide 4K image from a mere 7-inches away.

Sony LSPX-W1S Short Throw Projector

The aluminum body of the projector has a modern industrial appearance that makes the projector look more like a piece of luxurious furniture rather than a piece of audio/video equipment. The LSPX-W1S measures only 10.5-inches from top to bottom and is about 21-inches deep. Look closely at the projector and you’ll see that it uses a 5-piece modular design. The projector unit is housed inside the middle box and is flanked on either side by two speaker modules. Each module accommodates a 5-inch woofer and a 3/4-inch tweeter. Cabinets on both ends of the unit act as additional storage for a/v equipment. With all five components assembled the LSPX-W1S measures about 9 feet long. When activated, a small flap on the top of the projector opens and the lens slowly rises. When turned off, the lens retreats back into its protective casing so that it’s unaffected by dust and dirt.


The heart of the projector is its blue laser diodes and three LCOS-based SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) chips. The lasers have an automatic optimization feature which makes contrast adjustments on the fly and also maximizes black and white levels. Coupled with the innovative short-throw lens, the projector is capable of producing a cinema quality 4K image. The advantages of the laser system inside the projector don’t stop there. Unlike traditional projector lamps, the LSPX-W1S is able to reach maximum brightness at a fraction of the time. The laser diodes also last much longer than conventional lamps.


The price of the LSPX-W1S is not for the faint of heart. With a price tag of about $50,000, Sony’s new projector is reserved for only the most die-hard home theater enthusiast. You also won’t find this sleek little beast at your local Best Buy. Currently, you can only gaze upon one of these at ddc home furnishings in New York City.

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