It’s no secret that Sony has struggled mightily recently. Their floundering PC and TV divisions have steadily eroded the companies profits the past few years. Looking to get leaner and meaner, Sony has decided that now’s the time to make some drastic changes.


Sony is currently looking to sell off it’s struggling Vaio PC division and get out of the PC business completely. It’s expected that they will sell the PC division to Japan Industrial Partners Inc. This isn’t a complete surprise as the PC industry as a whole has seen year over year decline in sales. The PC division isn’t the only sector under fire. Sony intends to spin off the TV division into a separate subsidiary. According to PC Magazine, these moves could result in 5,000 layoffs by the end of fiscal year 2014 – 1,500 in Japan and 3,500 overseas.


Sony is going all in with 4K-Ultra HD television technology which was apparent at this years CES show. Sony intends to be on the forefront of emerging 4K technologies. Their Video Unlimited 4K download service will enable Sony to become one of the first 4K content providers. Sony, like other leading TV manufacturers, is hoping that 4K-Ultra HD catches on with consumers.


While the TV and PC divisions have suffered, Sony’s cameras, game systems, and mobile devices have done quite well. Sony’s latest game console, the PS4, reportedly sold 4.2 million units since it’s launch last November.

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