Sony KDL-65S990

Sony’s foray into the Curved HD TV arena has officially begun today with the announcement of the 65 inch KDL-65S990A curved LED TV. The Sony KDL-65S990A utilizes the latest generation of their TRILUMINOS® display to create deep, accurate and vibrant colors. The KDL-65S990A display’s slight curve is designed to give depth to the image as well improve the viewing angle. Sony’s X-Reality™ PRO picture engine is designed to enhance the picture quality of nearly any source material including low resolution web clips.


The KDL-65S990A features 8 front facing speakers (6 front and 2 surround). All 8 speakers are placed at various angles to simulate a surround sound experience. 2 of the speakers essentially act like the center channel in a surround sound configuration. These two speakers are angled towards the listening area and deliver most of the dialogue. The other speakers are angled outward and designed to expel the sound outwards in order to create an enveloping surround sound experience.


The Sony KDL-65S990A  also features Smart Connect, which essentially allows you to connect your compatible mobile device to your TV and view the content directly on the TV. The KDL-65S990A  is expected to be released in October with a suggested MSRP of $3,999. You can pre-order the KDL-65S990A at or on Amazon.


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  1. M R Goplani

    Introduction of curved tvs by Sony is a welcome step. This will change the whole concept of tv viewing. I hope, Sony introduces Curved Tvs in 40-50 inch segment also…

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