Available exclusively at Best Buy and Sony stores this May, Sony’s new Core series of speakers will consist of the SS-CS3 floor-standing speakers, SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers, SS-CS8 center channel, and the SS-CS9 subwoofer. Curiously, Sony is pushing these speakers as being Hi-Res audio compatible, even though there are no specific technical requirements for any speaker to be able to playback Hi-Resolution audio files. However, from a marketing perspective it does make the speakers sound more technologically advanced.


The SS-CS3 floor standing speaker has a frequency response of 50 kHz and houses dual 5.25-inch woofers while the smaller SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers use a single 5.25-inch woofer. The SS-CS8 center channel has an even smaller 4-inch driver. The SS-CS9 subwoofer hides a 10″ woofer and a 115 watt amplifier. As far as price is concerned, you can expect to pay $240 per speaker for the SS-CS3 while the SS-CS5 bookshelves will sell for $220 per pair. The SS-CS9 subwoofer will retail for $240 and the SS-CS8 center will be available for $170.

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