Sharkk Labs is no stranger to crowdfunding. A few months ago they crowdfunded their Bravo Hybrid Electrostatic over ear headphones with fantastic results. Now they’re at it again with their Twins Portable Bluetooth speakers.


The Twins are compact speakers measuring only 4.9 inches x 2 inches. At 5.9 oz each they’re also lightweight. To put things in perspective, on Sharkk’s Kickstarter page they illustrate that the length and width of an iPhone 6 are greater than that of a single Twins speaker.

Sharkk Twins

Besides being small what else do the Twins have going for them? For one thing, they include Bluetooth 4.2 and have a wireless range of about 30 ft. Each speaker has a power output of about 5 watts. While it’s doubtful this little speaker will be able to pump out beats at a large party, it will probably do fine in a small-size room.


The Twins can operate individually or you can sync two of them up via Bluetooth and use them as a stereo pair. Anyone interested in checking them out can visit their Kickstarter page. As of the writing of this article, Sharkk had already blown past their original goal of $5,000. Of course with any Kickstarter there are inherent risks involved, but if all goes according to plan, the Twins should begin shipping June 2107.


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